Wisconsin Republicans move to protect therapists engaged in conversion therapy

Wisconsin State Capitol via Wisconsin – Photo: Usia999.

Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin have lifted proposed restrictions on physicians performing conversion therapy while using a legislative maneuver to block a regulatory rule for the next two years while avoiding a veto from Gov. Tony Evers (D) .

On roughly party-line votes, both the Senate and the Assembly passed a bill that blocked a rule of state security and professional standards, in which conversion therapy would be prohibited.

The rule was developed by the Marriage and Family Therapy, Professional Counseling and Social Work Examination Board within the DSPS last year, and would call conversion therapy as “unprofessional conduct”.

In its Rule writing, The MPSW Board noted that the overwhelming consensus among medical and mental health professionals is that homosexuality, gender absence, and gender dysphoria are not mental health disorders, and the case as an acceptable conversion provided by the public for conversion therapy Comments rejected.

The board also rejected suggestions to limit the scope of regulation of physicians practicing on children.

“Neither the age of the customer nor what the customers are paying for the service is relevant,” the board wrote. “It is unprofessional to treat mental health disorders that do not exist, especially with ineffective or potentially harmful treatments.”

The board has also removed a talking point advanced by conversion therapy advocates that banning conversion therapy would allow mental health practitioners to become aware of their feelings about their sexual orientation or gender identity from counselors.

“A counselor still … has the ability to provide assistance to a client undergoing assistance in gender change and identity discovery or development, so long as the purpose of the consultation is not to attempt to change the client’s sexual orientation or gender identity Is, “he wrote.

But Republican conversions in the state legislature were based on the concept of banning medicine, the Rules Committee introduced a bill in January to prevent the rule from going into effect.

On Tuesday, the House and Senate voted to put the bill into committee, a legislative maneuver that blocks the DSPS rule for the remainder of the current two-year legislative session, until mid-term elections in 2022 until January. The Associated Press.

LGBTQ advocates have long said that conversion therapy is harmful to those, especially children.

a 2019 study, published in JAMA Psychiatry, A monthly peer-reviewed journal published by the American Medical Association, found that transgender adults who had conversion therapy at any point There were two suicide attempts during his lifetime that were not subject to transfusion therapy, with those who were four times more likely to attempt suicide.

Advocates also said that there is little evidence to support claims that conversion therapy can successfully “change” a person’s orientation or identity.

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While the House voted to place the bill on the committee without debate, the Senate debate was much more lively with Sen. Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee), who is openly gay, alleged that preventing the rule from taking effect would allow the physician to “torture” LGBTQ youth.

“It doesn’t work,” Carpenter said. “It’s a sham. This is doing a political thing to make some people feel good … How long do we have to wait for conversion therapy to be called wrong? “

But Mike Mikalsen, an aide to the rules committee co-chair Sen. Steve Naas, told the AP that the bill is not about the merits of conversion therapy.

Instead, he argued, the DSPS rule should be blocked because its board lacks the authority to ban conversion therapy without the legislature’s consent – as long as the legislature is in the hands of Republicans.

As such, unlike their elected representatives, physicians should not be punished for “unprofessional conduct” for violating a rule approved by bureaucrats and regulators.

“The issue is as long as the Legislature adds as a prohibited practice [in statute]Nobody should lose their license to do so, ”said Mickelson.

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