President Biden nominates gay police chief to lead Customs and Border Protection

Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus – Photo: Tucson Police Department.

President Joe Biden has named Chris Magnus as a gay man, who currently serves as the chief of police in Tucson, Arizona, as America’s next Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection.

Magnus, who was one of six Homeland Security nominees announced by the White House this week, previously served as police chief of Richmond, California and Fargo, North Dakota, before his current tenure in Tucson. She is married to Terence Cheung, former chief of staff to the mayor of Richmond.

According to the new York TimesA White House official said that Biden identified Magnus as a police department in Richmond and Tucson due to record improvements, his embrace of community-policing programs, and his experience policing a city near the US-Mexico border Tapped for In his new position, Magnus will be told to enforce immigration laws and devise a solution on how to handle and house record numbers of immigrant children from Central America who are overwhelmingly detention facilities.

In recent years, Magnus has been known for years for his more progressive views regarding law enforcement and immigration, which may rank some conservatives who have seized on undisputed support for law enforcement officials as a political wedge issue Have done.

He criticized former President Donald Trump’s approach to immigration 2017 op-ed, Arguing that the president’s policies are hampering the police’s efforts to promote public safety. In that editorial, he stated that stricter anti-immigration policies have frightened members of immigrant communities, or those close to them, who are reporting crimes, thus making it harder for police officers to do their job.

Tom Homan, a former acting director of immigration and customs enforcement, told times Magnus’ criticism of Trump will be brought to his confirmation hearing, possibly hindering his confirmation, and even making it difficult to gain the support of border agents, many of whom said Trump’s immigration policies Was supported.

Magnus has also voiced his support for the Black Lives Matter movement, provoking criticism from a local police union in Richmond in 2014 when he protested at “Black Lives Matter” in a protest shortly after Michael Brown’s police shooting in Ferguson Was signed. Missouri

While Magnus has earned a reputation as a reformist leader interested in improving police-community relations on a large scale and demanding police accountability, and even serving as head of the Richmond Police Department He has also been credited with successfully reducing violent crime. The center of many controversies.

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For example, conservatives have criticized his retaliation for collaborating with federal immigration officials, with criticism implicit in the 2017 incident when Tucson police refused to assist Border Patrol after a suspect fled custody gave. The washington post. Border Patrol union officials called him “an ultrabral social engineer who was given a badge and a gun by the city of Tucson” in 2018. Facebook post.

Meanwhile, activists on the left criticized Magnus for being insufficiently progressive, opposed efforts to make Tucson a sanctuary city, and for a perceived lack of transparency, body-camera videos showing the deaths of 27 Pointed out his failure to accelerate the release. -Air-Latino man, Carlos Ingram Lopez, who died in police custody.

Magnus attributed the delay to bureaucratic oversight, and even offered to resign as the video was being made public, but the mayor refused to accept his resignation. The three officers involved in the incident also resigned, with Magnus saying they would have been terminated if they had not been.

In 2012, a group of black officers in Richmond filed a lawsuit under Magnus accusing the police department of discrimination, but a jury found their allegations to be true without merit. In 2015, the city settled a wrong termination suit, brought by an officer who claimed that Magnus had sexually assaulted her and used racial slop – alleging that Magnus was “completely fake” And were motivated by the belief that their sexual orientation had motivated them to be easy targets for such accusations.

Soon after his nomination was announced, Magnus said he wanted to talk to senators and border patrol agents before offering policy changes about immigration enforcement.

“I know how Border Patrol may feel about my nomination, and I want to say that I believe that Border Patrol or Custom Agent is working very hard,” he said. times. “I’m going to make it a priority to get to know the people doing that work, to learn from them and to try and help them.”

“Sometimes it’s frustrating how all these issues can become hyperpartisan,” Magnus said.

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