North Carolina GOP wants teachers to “out” trans students to their parents

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North Carolina lawmakers are pushing for two bills attacking the ability of transgender youth to access gender-affirming health care treatment, including a measure that allows teachers to trans out or gender- Non-deformed students will be forced – possibly putting them at risk of abuse.

The two bills are part of a larger slate of anti-transgender and anti-LGBTQ measures initiated by Republicans this year, and nearly identical efforts to restrict the ability of transgender individuals to live their lives without government intervention in 29 other states Let’s reflect.

Proponents of the bill claim that they are trying to protect transgender and gender-non-deformed children from being subjected to “experimental” infection-related procedures, which they may later regret.

Much about gender-affirming therapies is based on misconceptions about transgender health care, as well as the misconception that parents allow their minor children to undergo certain treatments without careful consideration, or that Trans children undergo surgical intervention when they may not even really need it, and most physicians do not recommend surgery unless a person is of legal age.

First health care bill, SB 514, Would prohibit any transgender person under the age of 21 from receiving gender-affirming care, including puberty inhibitors, hormones or surgery, and punish medical providers who revoke their medical license or $ 1,000 per violation They do such treatment by imposing a fine of Rs.

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A provision within that bill would require any state employees – including teachers, school administrators or counselors – to inform their parents of transgender or non-, by informing them of their children’s gender-nonconformity. Notifying students in writing to their parents, even if potentially doing so. Risk of child abuse, homelessness or even death.

“No government agent, nor any employee of this state, any political subdivision of this state, or any other governmental institution, except law enforcement personnel, encourages any minor to withdraw information from the minor’s parents or Will not force, ”the provision adds. “Nor shall any employee be withheld from the knowledge of the parents of the minor which is relevant to the physical or mental health of their child and is of a type which is responsible for the interest and wellbeing of the parents.” -The father will be in demand and they should be made aware of anyone. “

Refusal to “out” students may involve discipline, including fines, suspension or termination, and will allow parents to sue teachers or counselors for damages. Full two years After the alleged “violation”.

The bill protects practitioners of proselytizing medicine from punishing the government and any licensed organizations that “offer counseling, advice, guidance, or any other speech or communication, whether described as therapy or Be provided for a fee, conscience or religious affiliation. Faith. “

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one more Health care bill With SB 514 being pushed, any medical provider – including individual staff in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, or pharmacies – would be defined as refusing to provide treatment, performing procedures, dispensing medications, or even That will also provide referrals to providers who will do those things, if they have a personal moral or religious objection to what kind of treatment or care a patient demands.

That bill, known as SB 515, also allows insurance plans or employers to refuse to provide coverage for that care based on moral or religious objections.

LGBTQ advocates clearly resented some of the bill’s provisions, demanding that North Carolina’s infamous HB2 “bathroom bill,” limit measures to limit the use of toilets by transgender individuals in comparison to 2016 and state Created an economic deadlock against. LGBTQ experiences enmity with people.

The Associated Press previously estimated that the cost of the bill is North Carolina. More than $ 3.76 billion Due to lost business opportunities and potential revenue from other economic activity Disfellowship, Scattered detail Of businesses Official government sponsored travel ban For North Carolina, and the loss of many sporting events In response to the passage of HB2.

“Our state learned a lesson in a very painful way with HB2: extreme bills that target LGBTQ harm individuals, communities and the fabric of our state,” Rev. Jasmine beech-ferraraThe executive director of the campaign’s Southern Equality, said in a statement. “We are working towards building communities in North Carolina, where every LGBTQ person can flourish: it means being treated with respect and dignity, it means being free from discrimination, and its Meaning that you can get the health care you need and deserve. Hometown. “

Photo by transgender protesting bill to ban transgender health care in Alabama – HRC Alabama via Facebook.

Kend Johnson, executive director of statewide LGBTQ organization Equity NC, called the introduction of health care bills – specifically SB 514 – “heart-breaking, though not unexpected.”

“These attempts to control the bodies and medical decisions of parents and their transgender children are aggressive, inappropriate and absolutely dangerous,” Johnson said in a statement. “Decisions about the medical welfare of a child must be between that child, their doctor and their parents or guardians – not legalists. We cannot exclude the transgender community. All MPs have a job to do in their election. Understand the entirety of the region and reduce challenges rather than creating obstacles. ”

Chanlett Stevens, executive director of the ACLU of North Carolina, called the bills “the latest in a series of coordinated attacks on health care access for trans and gender-non-youth youth around the country, whose true purpose is to trans and push non- Binary people are out of public life. “

Given that the bills are being pushed by some of the same conservative organizations that deferred the “bathroom bill”, as well as protecting “religious freedom” by allowing LGBTQ individuals and same-sex couples to refuse services As for the measures taken, Stevens urged lawmakers not to provoke a similar backlash occurring after the passage of HB2.

Stevens said in a statement, “Not only are these bills rooted in lies, hatred, and fear-mongering, but they also invade private conversations between us and our medical providers.” “Just as North Carolina is recovering from the damage HB2 has inflicted on our reputation and economy, let’s move on to building egalitarian communities rather than doubling the state as a hate-spreading state.”

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