Former gay adult film star is now an anti-LGBTQ political candidate

Phillip Tanzer, Logan McCurry, Gay, Adult Film
Phillip Tanzer, formerly known as Logan McCurry – Photo: BBC / Screenshot

A former award-winning gay adult film star is running for political office as a far-flung candidate who opposes LGBTQ rights.

Phillip Tanzer, a former German Mr. Leather titleholder who performed under the name Logan McCurry, was known for his extensive body tattoos and appearances in films. Stroller, To the last man, And Cum in my face 2.

After three years in the industry, the German-born McCurry left porn in 2011, calling himself bisexual instead of gay and moved to a remote village in the north of Scotland with his girlfriend.

Now, the 43-year-old is a “male rights activist” and is running as the farthest Scottish Family Party candidate in Scotland’s upcoming parliamentary elections.

The party, which currently holds no seats in Scotland and is unlikely to win any in the May election, calls gender fluidity “dangerous”, saying it is normal to be transgender to “harm” young people. , And seeks to reverse the introduction of the LGBTQ-inclusive education curriculum.

The Scottish Family Party also opposes hate crime or laws committing hate crimes, calling gender inequality “a natural expression” and pornography of brands “evil”.

According to jock itch Star Tanzer, Scottish Family Party “best represents my views on life and society.”

He told me daily Mail Before I joined it he “had a negative view of the phonographic industry, but I needed money.”

“One of the main reasons for running for the Scottish Family Party has been my experience and it has helped people to learn from it,” he said. “Porn is not a problem for men. Both boys and girls consume pornography and both remain under its influence.

“When I was younger I was not clear which path I would go,” he continued. “I was inspired to recognize something at the age of 32 that I was not.”

Last month, Tanzer attended live stream For the Scottish Family Party to say that they “do not hate or offend” LGBTQ people do.

“I used to be a gay porn actor and I know the struggle and confusion of being uncertain about my own sexuality and identity,” Tanzer said.

Tanzer said he supports the SFP’s stance that “gays and inter-affirmation undisputed” should be removed from schools, and said it would “in any way” support an LGBTQ man in pursuit of his identity Is not suitable for

He then claimed that he started dating women because he felt something was “missing” from his life, PinkNews Report.

Last year, Tanzer was featured in Short documentary She was followed by the BBC when she traveled to Chicago for the “men’s rights” conference.

In the documentary, Tanzer offered a different reason that she first ventured into porn, claiming that she is “not a huge fan of the way she portrays sexuality.”

“I thought that if I was working in porn, maybe I could bring something to the business that it lacks – some feelings, some” Barabak Said the star.

As to his election opportunities, Tanjar pointed out daily Mail She does not believe that her background will be an issue.

“Everyone at Durness has heard of it,” he said. “But I really try and help the community as much as I can and the people are very grateful.”


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