Arkansas governor vetoes ban on transgender health care

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Arkansas Village. Asa Hutchinson – Photo: Facebook

Arkansas Village. Asa Hutchinson (R) has enacted a veto law that would criminalize health care for transgender youth.

Hutchinson blocked the bill, which Republican lawmakers pushed, calling it “well-intentioned”, but arguing that it would interfere with the decision-making process between physicians and parents “because they would put young people in Deal with some of the most complex and sensitive matters. People. “

The so-called “Save teenagers from Arkansas Experimental ActTransgender-identifying youth would be threatened by doctors with disciplinary action or loss of their license if they advised puberty inhibitors, hormones or surgery.

Hutchinson said the bill would be “and is a huge government” and called it “a product of cultural warfare in America”. CNN report.

However, he said the Republican-controlled legislature would “eliminate the possibility of a veto”, given his veto, requiring only a simple majority.

“I hope, however, that my action will cause conservative Republican legislators to rethink through the issue,” he said, “and hopefully be thoughtful about science and ethics before coming up with a more restrained approach.” Permits to study. ” acting.”

In addition to effectively criminalizing health care for trans youth, the law will also prohibit Medicare and Medicaid from being used to cover the costs of care related to infection, health insurance for trans youth under the age of 18 To stop and allow insurance companies. Denial of coverage for gender-confirmed procedures and treatments.

Hutchinson’s veto comes as a surprise, as he was widely expected to sign the bill MPs passed In the state last month.

He argued that the bill was “going to end the huge government” and that a product of the “culture war” also flew in front of Hisinson last month. Signature law Preventing transgender student athletes from competing in additional sports based on their gender identity – part of a Nationwide trend Similar restrictions were imposed and passed by Republicans in various states.

Talking to reporters, Hutchinson said he vetoed the bill after hearing advice from transgender Arkansas and doctors and medical associations. He also said that “the nation is watching Arkansas.”

“This bill is overcrowding, it is not grandfathered in for youth who are currently under hormone treatment,” Hutchinson said. “When this law comes into effect, the youth who are currently under the supervision of a doctor will remain without treatment.

“It means that they will be looking for the black market or going out of the state … what they want and need treatment. This is not the right way to put them on,” he said.

Chase Strangio, deputy director for transgender justice at the American Civil Liberties Union, thanked Hutchinson for his veto.

Strangio, who Previously called The bill “The single most extreme anti-trans law to pass through the state legislature,” Tweeted The veto was “a powerful rebellion of the nightmare law.”

Strangio said that a simple majority can overcome the veto, urging people to “keep up the pressure” to ensure that it does not happen.

“That’s Bill DIE, Arkansas,” he wrote. “This is cruel. You got two anti-trans laws already signed. Let these children live. “

Strangio said: “Thank you, @AsaHutchinson. You did the right thing here. “

The Human Rights Campaign has noted that, after Hutchinson signed the bill, it would be the first case of its kind to criminalize transgender health care in the US.

HRC President Alfonso David said in a statement, “This unprecedented bill, which denied medical medically necessary and potentially life-saving gender-related care for transgender children, was very extreme”. “Even after signing other LGBTQ and anti-transgender bills into law, Governor Hutchinson said – he heard from a chorus of equality advocates to veto the bill, which was unpopular among Republicans, Independents and Democrats. “

David said: “This should be a warning to any governor of the country to consider bills such as HB 1570. These were too much for Arkansas, and they would be serious for this type of legislation for any state. “

The Trevor Project, which provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention to LGBTQ youth, called Hutchinson’s veto “a major victory for Arkansas’ transgender and carnivorous youth.”

Advocacy and Vice President of Government Sam Brinton said, “Thank you to Governor Hutchinson for doing the right thing by rejecting this dangerous bill – the Arkansas state legislature must follow its lead in accepting the mental health risks of this bill.” A statement for The Trevor Project stated.

“We hope this action sends a message to other lawmakers across the country who are considering similar restrictions on gender-affirming medical care, which would only serve to endanger young trans lives,” Brinton continued Kept. “While they are at it, we will also urge Arkansas to reconsider its misguided ban on trans student-athletes.”

Dr. Jessica Kirkley, MD, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Plum, a telehealth service that combines trans-people with gender-affirming hormones, said she was “unbelievable seeing this dangerous bill off in its tracks” Roopa was relieved. “

“Research has repeatedly shown that gender-affirming health care can be life-saving for transgender people experiencing depression or contemplating suicide, and protecting young people’s access to this care for their well-being.” And important for the good of all. In our communities, “Kirkley, who is transgender, said in a statement. “Unfortunately, financial constraints, stigma, red tape and the lack of specialist providers still make gender-affirming healthcare very difficult to use in Arkansas and for many people across the country, especially in rural areas.

Kirkley urged MPs to “care about the health and well-being of our youth” not only to prevent dangerous anti-transgender bills, to further reduce them barriers and improve accessibility for all. Should work with “


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