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Our Team


Ajay Singh
Editor/Author (Movie/Trending News)

Ajay is a movie buff since his childhood and his passion for movies, TV, and Entertainment sector, made him create Klik Hier online website. He has good experience in online Journalism and has worked for different portals before creating his own entertainment news website.

He spends a good amount of his time daily on watching the latest updates and trends related to movies, TV, Short Films and all Entertainment stuff. He initially started to write on any topic related to Entertainment but he has got a team of good writers now to take care of a few categories.

Hima Patel

Author (Movie News)

Hima is a Movie addict. She love to watch movies of any genre and any language. Hima has got immense knowledge on the latest movie news and updates. As a movie buff Hima always keeps herself updated on all the Movie updates which also includes trailers, events, collections etc., Hima joined Klik Hier Niet to contribute herself for the Movie News category. Hima Bindu also supports in the editing and formatting of articles helping her other team members in the Klik Hier Niet family.

Priyanka Bindu
Author (Celebrity News)

Priyanka loves writing articles related to Celebrities as she is very passionate about Movies and Entertainment. During her college days, she tried to be a Model and choose a career in Fashion and Modelling. Later after her marriage, she has to drop her thoughts of being a model and rather chose writing. Her passion for fashion and modeling probed her to chose topics related to Celebrities. Thus She writes about the celebrity News for Klik Hier Niet