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El Pollo loco Keto - Keto Taco A Detailed Beginner's Guide

El Pollo Loco Keto is a chain restaurant that's a cross between a casual dining sit-down restaurant and a location you run into real fast to get a carry-out. Some locations even have a drive-through alternative.

As you can imagine, it's difficult to eat low fat at El Pollo Loco, that is why we advocate eating at home whenever you can. But if you discover yourself in a pinch for meals and El Pollo Loco is the sole choice, you'll be happy to know there are ways to make it work at least for a single meal.

Keep reading to learn how to order low fat at El Pollo Loco Keto so you can adhere to your low-carb .

As we mentioned above, it's always best to prepare your meals at home and bring them along with you whenever you can. This makes sure that you will not be scrambling to locate a meal at the last moment, which increases your chances of eating something you shouldn't.

Eating at home also means that you're guaranteed to eat keto-friendly meals , and not just foods which are low-carb. There's a significant difference!

For example, a low-carb dieter's meal could still contain a small segment of fruits and starchy veggies which may be off-limits on the ketogenic diet. Ketogenic dieters will need to make sure they keep their carbohydrate intake limited to five percent or less of their daily calories.

Eating out also means that the quality of food you pick won't be as good as what you could buy yourself in the shop.

Due to these reasons, on the rigorous ketogenic diet, it's best to follow your keto plan and cook your own foods at home so you can take charge of your macros and the quality. It's still possible to maintain the carbohydrate intake low when exercising, but it does not always mean that you're strictly keto.

Like most restaurants, El Pollo Loco doesn't mention that they use organic meats or merchandise, which means that you are not receiving the highest quality food when you eat outside.

Many people eat at El Pollo Loco Keto  for its advantage. It's an easy place to stop in at on your lunch break if you don't have a lot of time to eat or anytime you want a quick bite.
Lowest Carb Dishes

Here are some of the lowest carb dishes in El Pollo Loco Depending on the nutrition advice:

  •     Fire grilled chicken thigh, wing, breast and breast with skin (0 g carbs each)
  •     Double chicken avocado salad (8 g net carbs)
  •     Chicken avocado burrito (minus the shell, dressing and pinto beans) (8 g net carbohydrates )
  •     Original pollo bowl (minus the rice and legumes ) (1 g net carbs)
  •     Double chicken bowl (minus the rice and legumes ) (4 grams net carbs)
  •     Pollo Fit Bowls (Additional Information under )

Also, keep these tips in mind when you purchase here in order to keep it low-carb.

#1. Stick with poultry

El Pollo Loco Keto Despite being a carry-out or little dining area, El Pollo Loco has an outstanding menu. They offer meals under 500 calories, snacks, salads, burritos, starters, and also a"fitter for you" section. With all these options available, it can be hard to know what to order.

We suggest sticking with poultry. After all, it's what El Pollo Loco is known for. They provide fire-grilled chicken thighs, thighs, wings, and breasts, which are all great low-carb choices. You can even get a chicken breast with or without skin in case you are trying to maintain your fat intake down.

These dishes are marinated in some kind of citrus dressingtable, so you will want to be sure to request a plain or dry piece of chicken to maintain the sugar content down.

According to the nutrient information on the Site, one fire-grilled chicken thigh with skin contains the following:

  1.     210 calories (3.1 ounce serving)
  2.     15 grams of fat
  3.     0 grams carbs
  4.     0 grams sugar
  5.     0 g fiber
  6.     21 g protein

Should you will need a fattier meal, always opt for chicken thighs, wings, or thighs as they have more fat than chicken breasts.

We noticed that not one of the other side dishes in El Pollo Loco are low carb, so broccoli and perhaps a side salad would be the only choices.

Order a taco without the shell

It sounds funny, but ordering a taco minus the shell or eating the insides only of a taco is a good way to keep it low-carb while still enjoying the taste of a taco. El Pollo Loco has a traditional crispy taco which accompanies shredded chicken, cheese, and lettuce. Just take care not to eat the taco shell, and you'll have the ability to follow your low-carb dietplan.

One thing you will want to remember is that most of the meat at El Pollo Loco will be flavored with a few non-keto friendly ingredients. It's a good idea to request your own meat to be dry or to hold the sauce and sauce. The meat might also be premade, which means that you can't purchase it with no flavoring as it has already been created this way.

Furthermore, be sure that your taco contains no sauce. Even in the event that you order it with no shell, some places like to drizzle their beef with sauce. Request additional cheese, sour cream and guacamole if your beef requires some organization and maintain the sugar-laden sauces.

Avoid burritos and quesadillas since these meals are too hard to dictate without the shell. Additionally, it is difficult to only eat the insides of them as they are generally warm and the ingredients have a tendency to stick to bread.

#3. Pile on low-carb extras

A slice of chicken and a side of steamed broccoli may bore you. To add a bit of jazz to your meal, try piling safe low-carb extras to enhance the fat content of the meals while maintaining down the carbs.

El Pollo Loco makes their particular guacamole every single day, based on their website. Take advantage of this by stacking your chicken with some fresh guacamole. They also offer bacon, which is a great way to get more fat and protein in your diet plan. Additionally, you can not beat the flavor combination of bacon, chicken, and guacamole.

If that mix sounds good to you, then try the dual chicken avocado salad at El Pollo Loco for a limited time. It sports a double part of sliced chicken breast, breast, cotija cheese, sour cream, and also house-made pico de gallo. You will want to hold the sweet corn and creamy cilantro dressing and ask for additional sour cream or avocado rather.

According to the nutritional information on the Site, ordering your salad with these customizations results in the next macronutrient breakdown:

  1.     350 carbs for the Whole salad
  2.     14 g of fat
  3.     11 g of carbs (6 net carbs)
  4.     5 g of fiber
  5.     5 grams of sugar
  6.     47 g of protein

If you hold the pico de gallo, you'll save 1 gram of carb and a single gram of sugars to deliver your internet carbs down to five per salad. If you're worried that 350 calories won't fill you up, remember that adding extra bacon, avocado, and sour cream can help increase the calories while maintaining the carbs down to keep you full until your next meal.
What To Order at El Pollo Loco

Even though the menu options may vary depending on location, we've scoured the menu at El Pollo Loco and come up with a list of low-carb meals you can eat. You're going to be custom ordering lots of these dishes to avoid the beans, rice, corn, and other starchy ingredients that normally accompany Mexican foods, so be sure to follow these directions carefully.

Always make sure that any item you purchase does NOT come with sauce, which is often added to tacos to help improve the flavor. You will also need to be on the lookout for flavored meat was marinated or coated in a sugary dry-rub since these are good methods to accidentally tack on the carbs.

Listed below are a listing of foods which are safe to consume on a low-carb diet.
Limited time menu

  •     Chili carrot chicken tostada (order this without the pinto beans, rice, and chili lime sauce; don't consume the outer shell)
  •     BBQ bacon avocado chicken tostada (order this without the chipotle BBQ sauce, rice, and beans; don't eat the shell)
  •     Mango habanero chicken tostada (maintain the tropical habanero sauce, rice, and beans; don't eat the shell; additionally hold the mango salsa if you are keto)
  •     Chunky guacamole and chips (throw the chips away and add the guacamole for your chicken)

Family poultry dishes

For many family meals, maintain the hot tortillas and get a side of steamed broccoli or guacamole instead; additionally be sure the chicken does not have a marinade on it:
  1.     Eight Part meal
  2.     Ten piece meal
  3.     12 piece meal
  4.     16 piece meal
  5.     Eight Part meal of chicken only (we recommend getting this with a side of guacamole)

Individual poultry foods

For many combos, order steamed broccoli as your side and an unsweetened iced tea since your drink; maintain the tortillas, beans, rice:
  1.     Two-piece combo
  2.     Three-piece combo
  3.     Half chicken combination
  4.     Fire-grilled poultry breast
  5.     Fire-grilled poultry wing
  6.     Fire-grilled chicken noodle
  7.     Fire-grilled chicken leg

Tostada salads

For many tostada salads, don't consume the outer shell:
Make Certain to hold the pinto beans and creamy cilantro dressing)

Eat the insides of the tacos just and throw out the shell:

Much like when ordering low-fat fast food, though some foods are simple to custom order and become low-carb meals, others just aren't worth the effort. We recommend avoiding the following foods and sticking with something which's a lot easier to purchase.
  •     Chicken tamale, taco al carbon, and also side (you could purchase that with steamed broccoli as your side and eat only the inside of the taco al carbon, however we believe you'll have a hard time with the tamale; it would be easier to purchase a chicken taco rather )
  •     Chicken tamales using a side
  •     Chicken tamale and tortilla soup
  •     Chicken taquitos combo (because taquitos are small, we don't believe you'll get much Once You eat the interiors of these only; adhere with another dish)
  •     Dual queso overstuffed quesadilla (unless you can manage to eat the interiors only of a quesadilla, we recommend choosing something else; you would need to purchase this without the tortilla strips to keep it low-carb)
  •     BBQ bacon avocado overstuffed quesadilla (If You Would like to eat the insides only out of the, then Make Sure You get it without the BBQ sauce)
  •     Chicken avocado quesadilla (if you can manage to eat the insides just, then do this without the creamy skillet )
  1.     Chicken fajita burrito
  2.     Chipotle chicken avocado burrito
  3.     Rancherito burrito
  4.     Classic chicken burrito
  5.     BRC burrito

Beneath 500 calories:

    Chicken tortilla soup

Starters, sides, and beverages:
  •     Chips and queso
  •     Rice
  •     Pinto beans
  •     Black beans
  •     Corn
  •     Macaroni and cheese
  •     Mashed potatoes and gravy
  •     Coleslaw (this is OK to get If You're Able to hold the dressing)
  •     All carbonated beverages
  •     All desserts (currently we only see cinnamon churros on the menu)
  •     Corn and flour tortillas
  •     All toppings and dressings

New Pollo Fit Bowls

El Pollo Loco has only launched new products known as Pollo Fit Bowls for men and women who follow Paleo and Keto, or just for anyone who's simply looking to eat healthy.

According to their website, the new product line includes three bowls as below:
Dual Chicken & Avocado [Keto Accredited ]

Dual Chicken & Queso Fresco [Keto Accredited ]

Ingredients are: fire-grilled chicken breastfeeding, organic spinach, queso fresco, pico de gallo (made-from-scratch), black beans, and lettuce and red cabbage blend.

Macros: 480 calories, 27g fat, 43g protein, 17g total carbohydrates, 5g fiber, or 12g net carbs.

Our Tip: If you personalize this item and exclude black beans, you are likely to wind up getting 430 calories, 27g fat, 40g protein, 9g total carbohydrates, 2g fiber, or just 7g net carbs, which is much more keto-friendly!
Dual Chicken & Mango [Paleo Friendly]

Ingredients are: fire-grilled chicken breast, sliced avocado, organic lettuce, fresh mango salsa, and lettuce and red cabbage blend. This one is for people who follow a Paleo dietplan.

Macros: 460 calories, 26g fat, 37g protein, 22g total carbohydrates, 4g fiber, or 18g net carbs.

Our thought on these new goods:

We believe that it is wonderful to see restaurant chains begin to offer keto-friendly dishes on their menus. The 2 keto-certified dishes, Dual Chicken & Avocado and Dual Chicken & Queso Fresco, seem good. But, depending on the ingredients, people who follow a rigorous keto plan may want to customize their order and remove black beans from their own dish.

We always recommend eating in the home or preparing your own meals utilizing store-bought ingredients only whenever it's possible. This permits you to control exactly what and how much you are eating, which is important if you're trying to satisfy the stringent requirements of the ketogenic diet.

Low-carb eaters can be a bit less fussy about their macronutrient ingestion, but you'll still want to consume organic meats and low-carb veggies as far as possible. Because of this, it can be hard to eat out. If you find yourself in need of a quick snack or lunch, then you are able to get some good options at El Pollo Loco.

Look out for chicken that's been marinated in a skillet or topped with creamy cilantro dressing. If you go for a salad, hold the dressing and request additional guacamole, sour cream, or bacon to give your meal a boost.

El Pollo Loco enjoys to add a lot of beans, rice, corn, and tortilla strips for their dishes, so be on the lookout for those. If you choose a combo, make sure you order an unsweetened iced tea since your beverage and maintain any tortillas or chips which accompany your meal. It is possible to get a side salad instead, but request no dressing and tortilla strips to keep it low-carb.


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